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    Name?* Jente Tegel How old are you?* 13 Country & Timezone?* Netherlands (UTC+1) How did you find MaldenLifeRPG?* From my brother (Merino) Why do you want to join the support team?* I wanted to mean something for this community and do something good, I just like helping people and that is also one of the reasons I wanted to join the cop force. I am very active at this server, at the weekends around 10 hours and at workdays around 5 hours. I want people to take me serious, so I think this is the place to be. What skills can you bring to the table?* I can bring activity to the staff force and a lot of maturity, I will do my best as a staff member and I accept that as soon as I really mess up I will be kicked from the staff group. Do you know fluent English?* Yes. Have you had any past experience on other servers?* No, but I had the tags of helper by a glitch at TS and I didn't abuse it, and helped people which were waiting for support. How much time can you dedicate to this role?* 5 hours at work days and around 10 hours at the weekends Have you ever been banned on MaldenLifeRPG? If so why?* No Why should we pick you over other applicants?* You should choose me because I am very active and because I am a CC in the cop force, you know you can trust me. But if you think I am not good enough for this job, don't accept me. In your own opinion what is the role of a support member?* They should help people out in need, be supportive for the community and act/be mature. Tell us a little about yourself (Nothing personal)?* My name is Jente Tegel, I am 13 years old, I like playing Arma 3 RP and that is one of the reasons why I apply. I am addicted to gaming so I am very active. I like helping people out with their problems. I have homework to do, but I just don't give a damn about that. Anything else you would like to say?* I am dutch but I speak really good English, I have been Chief Constable for around two weeks now and I like to mean something for the cop force, so I would really appreciate
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    Looks really good! I'll see if we can get this on to the server
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    To - @David (Founder), CC - @Archangel, @Keith Lemon. I, Tommy Oliver of sound body and mind resign as medical director and helper, with immediate effect. Reasons: 1.Unhappy with the way a complaint was handled by senior members of staff and then after insuring me that action was going to be taken, Nothing happened. This lack of action under minded me and others. 2. Being told how to do my Job as Medical Director by another member of staff is inappropriate and I do not want to be a part of a team where the staff do not have professional curtsey to each other. I have tried to be a valuable member of this community and feel like I'm being force to leave. So because of this I'm moving to another community. i would just like to say a thank you to everyone who has helped me out (you all know who you are). I have made some new friends and for that I am thankful. P.S. As a leaving request I would like to have Archangel as the new medical director and Keith lemon as the new Assistant Medical Director. the both have done a great job and disserve the promotions.
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    Patch 1.3.2 Added Usable Drugs: Pot, Cocaine, and Heroin (STILL WORK IN PROGRESS) - @David Added AK12 For the MRF - @Per-Merino Added Helmets for MPD, MRF and to the Blackmarket - @Per-Merino New HD Sounds - @David
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    Hi, I am 17 years old and I live in Sweden. Science and physics are my favorite subjects in school. I do not like writing, especially when you do not get to choose what it is supposed to be about. I also do not like reading books, and I hate reading books where the main characters names are unreadable! for an example, Nhyfisaf, like what?? (is it a girl or a boy lol, names, names) I am very lazy, sadly, although it does not affect my grades. Somehow some people study hours per day and gets worse grade than me. I usually do not need to study because I remember everything that the teacher has said on the lessons. I learn better when I am listening on a presentation, or when someone tries to explain something than reading books. Books are okay though if you learn something sensible that will help you in the future. Material properties, what mushroom is eatable I do not like sports, but tennis and badminton is fun. Helping people is not fun, honestly, I hate helping people unless they actually listen and learns something. I do not mind helping people with subjects, or in their social life if they want my help. But if I answer their question I want them to think for themselves and not come back the next minute and ask for more help about the same thing. Regards, David B.
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    ACCEPTED The Denied claim was a error, he corrected it in teamspeak. //General Director = Johnny
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    DENIED Reason: Application is too brief please have a little more in it. Please follow the questions which say NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS. (47 words is not 100) Thankyou for Applying Feel free to try again in 1 week.
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    About you. · In Game Name - David · Steam ID - 76561198166787194 · Age - 16 · Timezone - GMT Questions. · How long have you been playing on this server? - 2 months · How many hours do you have in Arma 3 in total? - 536 · Have you applied previously? - No · Have you had past experience in the EMS department (How long and Rank etc)? - Yes, I was Surgeon on RebornRoleplay. · Any previous bans? If yes, when, what for and how long? - Yes, a 2-day ban for knowing someone was duping and not reporting it · Do you have a mic and use Teamspeak? - Yes · How would you rate your driving skills from 1 - 10? - 10 · How would you rate your piloting skills from 1 - 10? - 8 · Describe why you want to become a medic and why we should choose you over someone else? - I would like to join the medics because I like to help out people on the server and enjoy the great RP experience it brings as I have been a medic before I know what to do and how to handle situations. I am also apart of the police force so I can bring great RP to the Medics. I am a very active player on the server so i can spend a lot of time as a medic and if someone needs my help I won't just leave them because they are too far I'll do the best i can to get to them. · What do you think are the duties of a medical employee in no less than 100 words? - A medics duty should be to prioritize them selfs in helping other people that require them and to get to the situation as quickly and as safely as possible and when they have given aid to the person they should stay and check if they need anything else like driving back to the city or food etc. They should always carry the essential equipment such as Defibulators, first aid kits, and toolkits etc. As being a part of a whitelisted faction you should keep a high level or RP at all times even if someone has broken RP and ask them to come into a support channel via OOC chat. · Tell me some background information about your in-game character in no less than 100 words -Had a hard life from a young age living in Altis and not seeing his parent much he was looked after by his older brother his dad was a Captain in the medics and his mother a police officer altho he did see his dad much he still wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a medic and save lives just like him. But at the age of 20 still unemployed and with very little jobs around he decided to move to an island called Malden and start a new life where he put in an application for the medics and follow his fathers path · Is there any additional information you want to add to your application? - I love a cuppa!
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    Passed on Interview Congrats buddy
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    @Robertson and @Johnny Do any of you guys think you can help James out with the base?
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    We are working on new content everyday, And the Uniform's and some bugs are work in progress, as for the new hospital, I haven't heard there's a new coming? I may have to talk to David about it, I hope you understand that right now we're almost just working on getting everything to start flowing and fixing all the bugs. With kind regards //Alex Wong
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    Are you at least the Sergeant rank in the Police Force: Answer: Must be 16 Years Old (Exceptions Can Be Made): Answer: Are you able to lead a team of any size: Answer: Can you follow orders from other SCO19 Members: Answer: On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate your communication skills: Answer: Do you have a working microphone: Answer: Can you speak fluent English: Answer: Why do you wan't to apply for SCO19: Answer: Have you applied previously: Answer: Past experience in the police department (80+ Words): Answer: Are you able to attend weekly training: Answer: Have you ever been given a warning while playing as police: Answer: Have been an SCO19 Ride-Along? If so How did it go? Answer: List 3 Situations that SCO19 Members deal with: Answer: Answer: Answer: Written By SCO19 Team-Leader Gillam And SCO19 Commander Alex Wong.
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    +1 great work Alex Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
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    I feel like the "Normal Police" Uniforms are much more important than the SCO19 because it's them you usually meet in-game.
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    The Police uniforms are pretty old as well, but we are working on new ones.
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    We haven't had SCO19 uniforms because this is a fairly new unit, The police have Uniforms though, but i'm also working on the MPD's uniforms as well, But the SCO19 had requested one first.