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  1. bump
  2. well just from the past history of secondary whitlisted rebel faction dont turn out to well nlf and blackwatch were the past 2
  3. is this another whitelisted faction?
  4. also just to say james read the post i put on the other gang base thread i dont think this will happen
  5. well from the size of the map i dont belive that there will be any unless they are 1 month only and gangs bid one them a week ahead that way the shops can be changed for that certain gang i cant engeland i know tldr 1 gang base for every gang to bid one highest bid wins or who ever deserves it also another way
  6. scrub
  7. so i was wondering if the next update will have woleplay
  8. was i waccepted when
  9. UID: Username:Jammalcammal Age: How long have you played on the server?:i Do you actively use a microphone?:played about 1 month before leaving and rejoining Do you have any past Experiences as Police? Name the rank(s) and the server(s) rpuk Spc mainly Why would you like to become a Police officer?:Previous experince and an abilty to roleplay and frag mrf *cough Cough* Please outline what you think Police are required to deal with on a day to day basis 1.Deal with mrf 2.deal with civs 3.stop fed being robbed What skills can you bring to the department? 1.Rp obviusly @Next can confirm http://plays.tv/video/595ecbaf4b7a61cbfa/next-swedish-anthem?from=user 2.bare frags 3.Experince
  10. I have been here befor most of the older players that are here may rember me if not i was a mod before i left i have rejoined as 2 community have merged
  11. this was suggested a while back the map is not big enough to have it implemented
  12. Hi

    hi babes xxx
  13. Name?* Jammal cammal How old are you?* 18 Country & Timezone?* Scotland Gmt -1 How did you find Syvos?* Through the past play time and merge Why do you want to join the support team?* I believe I should be added because I can bring a good personality someone who is very methodical and meticulous with my thinking which can help in confusing situations. I can also bring a good sense of humour to the team in general as well as a determination to make roleplay happen. an example of determination to make roleplay happen is how I with @apex changed the rules to make the community overall a better roleplay experience to new players and old. I am very confident with my self-making sure that my point is put across will stay calm. I also can have a lot of time over summer to help this community in general. I also have lot of ideas to be suggested and possibly added like sound effects and virtual inventory items What skills can you bring to the table?* I can bring Calm astride a comedic sense of humour and willing ability to do work and only bitch a little when I do it Do you know fluent English?* I think so Have you had any past experience on other servers?* A little bit on rpuk How much time can you dedicate to this role?* around 2 hours a day currently subject to change Have you ever been banned on MaldenLifeRPG? If so why?* no Why should we pick you over other applicants?* I have already proven to be a valuable asset to the community by helping design the new rule, creating the new black watch shops and various another thing such as test subject and permission checker on ts In your own opinion, what is the role of a support member?* it is the to help them, best of this community and help them get the facts correct and making sure both parties leave happy and satisfied with the result Tell us a little about yourself (Nothing personal)?* I'm 18 years old from Scotland I just finished a business course at my local college I work part-time as a security guard for construction sites Anything else you would like to say?* please think of the roleplay By joining the staff team you have to be mature and set an example to all players, discrimination or bad behaviour towards members of the community will result in you being removed from the staff team and possibly banned from the server. Do you agree to these terms?* Heck yeah
  14. cough sfu uniform like i recommend at the start