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  1. Looks really good! I'll see if we can get this on to the server
  2. @Robertson and @Johnny Do any of you guys think you can help James out with the base?
  3. We are working on new content everyday, And the Uniform's and some bugs are work in progress, as for the new hospital, I haven't heard there's a new coming? I may have to talk to David about it, I hope you understand that right now we're almost just working on getting everything to start flowing and fixing all the bugs. With kind regards //Alex Wong
  4. Patch 1.3.2 Added Usable Drugs: Pot, Cocaine, and Heroin (STILL WORK IN PROGRESS) - @David Added AK12 For the MRF - @Per-Merino Added Helmets for MPD, MRF and to the Blackmarket - @Per-Merino New HD Sounds - @David
  5. Are you at least the Sergeant rank in the Police Force: Answer: Must be 16 Years Old (Exceptions Can Be Made): Answer: Are you able to lead a team of any size: Answer: Can you follow orders from other SCO19 Members: Answer: On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate your communication skills: Answer: Do you have a working microphone: Answer: Can you speak fluent English: Answer: Why do you wan't to apply for SCO19: Answer: Have you applied previously: Answer: Past experience in the police department (80+ Words): Answer: Are you able to attend weekly training: Answer: Have you ever been given a warning while playing as police: Answer: Have been an SCO19 Ride-Along? If so How did it go? Answer: List 3 Situations that SCO19 Members deal with: Answer: Answer: Answer: Written By SCO19 Team-Leader Gillam And SCO19 Commander Alex Wong.
  6. I feel like the "Normal Police" Uniforms are much more important than the SCO19 because it's them you usually meet in-game.
  7. The Police uniforms are pretty old as well, but we are working on new ones.
  8. We haven't had SCO19 uniforms because this is a fairly new unit, The police have Uniforms though, but i'm also working on the MPD's uniforms as well, But the SCO19 had requested one first.
  9. New SCO19 Uniforms, Based on the Real SCO19/SFO19 Unit's Uniform.
  10. Accepted Please contact me on TeamSpeak for me to guide you through how we work and what you will need. Kind Regards, Alex Wong - SCO19 Commander
  11. Jack, contact me and Johnny in TeamSpeak and we'll have a small meeting about this idea.
  12. Hi

    Welcome aboard!
  13. This has been approved by me, David and Reqoo, @Jason and @Tommy Oliver please contact me on TeamSpeak and I'll guide you and help you to get the whitelisting process going. Kind regards, Alex Wong- Community Manager
  14. Here are some of the new (Work In Progress Textures for Both Uniforms and Vehicles) The New NHS Ambulance Skin/Texture: Behind: New NHS Uniform Skin/Texture: Behind: Some Pictures With both Personnel and The Ambulance: And The All new Silver MPD Patrol SUV: Behind: The Right Side from Behind: Keep in mind that these textures are Currently Work In Progress, But I will try my hardest to add these to the server as fast as possible! Also, let me know what you think by giving me some FeedBack! // With Kind Regards, Alex Wong - Community Manager - Lead Graphic Designer.
  15. DENIED I would like to see you a bit more in-game, feel free to re-apply in 1 week. With kind regards, Alex Wong - Community Manager