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  1. there a link to proof
  2. Nope they only fire on someone if that person shots them
  3. I have a few akm' s for sale all with mags.
  4. Ingame Name: Mr Black Clock Age? 29 What timezone are you currently in? uk gmt Current hours on the server (To the nearest hundred)? 200 Current hours on the game (We expect 1000+, exceptions can be made)? 666 Tell us a little bit about you: (nothing personal) iv been playing arma for 3 yrs on and off been playing alot of rpuk in the past and played this server along time ago ---------- In Character Information ---------- Why do you want to join MRF? i used to be a major general in the mrf What will you bring to MRF? good rp good team work and comms How high is your RP rating in your own oppinion? 9-10 Flying skills good? good Tell us a little about your character ingame? hes ex marine/SBS hes had a hard life before joining the armed forces losing his whole family in a police riot. ---------- Additional Information ---------- Gang(s) you have recently belonged to: AFF Reason for leaving these gang(s)?different server