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  1. thanks everyone. If im ever needed to make something for police or something just ask
  2. Thank you. Had to add a couple finishing touches but had to wait till after the hurricane. Wouldve Been released a while ago.
  3. Here are some sneak peeks of the new HQ that ive been working on the past week. Over View: Van View: Hunter View: Office View: Office View 2: Office View 3: Dispatch View: Van and Hunter View: Operating Room View: Operating Rooms View 2:
  4. ---------- OOC Information ---------- Ingame Name: Archangel Age? 16 What timezone are you currently in? est Current hours on the server (To the nearest hundred)? 300 Current hours on the game (We expect 1000+, exceptions can be made)? 1944 Tell us a little bit about you: (nothing personal) I have played Arma 3 for about 3 years on many different kinds of servers. I've played on role-play servers for about 1500 of my hours and the rest were spent on combat servers to train my combat ability. ---------- In Character Information ---------- Why do you want to join MRF? I have been apart of this server for a long time now. When i play civilian i tend to play by my self and I dont enjoy that. i love to work in teams and have always wanted to join MRF. When i was told that i was allowed to apply for MRF i was very glad and excited to be able to play with others and have fun. What will you bring to MRF? I can bring good piloting skills. Good,fun, and funny role-play to any situation. I love working in a team and follow orders very well. I have never disrespected my higher ups and always respect and follow the chain of command. I dont break rules and never break role-play How high is your RP rating in your own opinion? My RP is pretty good. From a scale of 1-10 i rate myself a 8. Flying skills good? My flying skills are amasing. I can combat land and evade shots and situations pretty well Tell us a little about your character ingame? He is a archangel from the high heavens that fell when he ripped his wings off when he was betrayed. He decided that he couldn't live on earth alone because he was now mortal. He went and joined other factions like the marines and army but thought it wasn't good enough. He decided to try and apply for the MRF. The best most powerful faction in Malden. ---------- Additional Information ---------- Gang(s) you have recently belonged to: None Reason for leaving these gang(s)?
  5. Welcome to the server. Hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun. Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
  6. +1 great work Alex Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
  7. Nice to have you here and hope you enjoy. Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
  8. Good luck and hope everything works out with the gang. Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
  9. +1 Assistant Medical Director | Support | Archangel
  10. i pwus 1 thwis appwication
  11. +1000000000000 Looks amasing so far.
  12. I think it would be alot more realistic then the strider.. The hunter is already a Medical vehicle in real life so why not have it here. And awesome. If we can get this implemented ima need your help.
  13. yes Assistant Medical Director | Helper | Archangel
  14. Is the teamspeak currently down cause i cant connect Assistant Medical Director | Helper | Archangel
  15. it is not a cops duty to revive civilians. i agree that not many NHS are on at the moment due to the amount of people we have but cops should only be able to revive other cops. This is my opinion. Assistant medical director | Helper | Archangel