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  1. About you. · In Game Name - Spenny · Steam ID - its in the database · Age - 30 · Timezone - GMT+1 i think Questions. · How long have you been playing on this server? - from the startup · How many hours do you have in Arma 3 in total? - 1700 · Have you applied previously? - No · Have you had past experience in the EMS department (How long and Rank etc)? - Medic Chief · Any previous bans? If yes, when, what for and how long? - No · Do you have a mic and use teamspeak? - I do · How would you rate your driving skills from 1 - 10? - Depends on wich day and car i´m driving but 8-9 · How would you rate your piloting skills from 1 - 10? - 8-9 · Describe why you want to become a medic and why we should choose you over someone else? - I love to RP! And i like to help people in different kind of ways · What do you think are the duties of a medical employee in no less than 100 words? - Since i´ve been a Medic Chief i know how hard it can be to be a good doctor in the field, i would really like to help out as many as i can but every medical employee has to spend a lot of time to make a good RP moment, and there´s where WE come in. We are next to the police when it comes to RP. I wouldnt become a Medic just to revive people, i want to bring the ones who has been in a accident to the hospital and spend 10-30 min just to have a great RP moment. · Tell me some backround information about your in game character in no less than 100 words - My medical character is a old soul in a young body, he likes to meet people and help them out as much as he can, he was a heck of a medical trainee in the coldwar and he got 2 silver stars because of the braveness he´s got. Therefor he was promoted Chief when his higher up died trying to revive others on the battlefield. After seeing so much blood and getting a few scars he wanted to lay back and moved to Malden, but it wasnt the way he exptected, there are countless of people on this island who needs help and his inner voice told him to step up and bring everything he´s got to help everyone out. · Is there any additional information you want to add to your application? - Drink up me hearties yo ho!
  2. You are accepted! sorry for the very late reply!
  3. Accepted mister!
  5. Great! I´ll pull you to a room for your interview
  6. Great app Aaron, would you mind joining the interview room and poke me or Björk when thats done? much appreciated // G
  7. yeah i would like to know what you are talking about to
  8. Yeah its ok James, but i think we should wait with your application, apply again in 1-2 weeks, hope to see you again
  9. I would like to see more of you than just sending police hatchbacks to space tho it was really funny. Apply again after visiting us a few times! // G
  10. Sorry, but non of the W.D members are welcome at the moment.
  11. Sorry Earl, your application is not approved.
  12. I would like you to come to the CP and have a talk/chat with any active member of the MRF.
  13. I want you to come to the CP and have a little talk/chat!
  14. I´m sorry Sondre you cant join us at the moment, please try again in 2 weeks
  15. I´ve heard and talked to you in teamspeak, and i would like to give you a chance, but not today. Come back in a few days, i hope that you can show us the MRF character in you by showing up and being interested in joining us, and not the shot first ask questions later char that i´ve seen and heard. // G