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  1. About you. · In Game Name - Emotionless · Steam ID -76561198181994811 · Age -15 · Timezone - GMT Questions. · How long have you been playing on this server? - 3 or 4 weeks · How many hours do you have in Arma 3 in total? - 292 on my main account and 300 on my old account. · Have you applied previously? -No · Have you had past experience in the EMS department (How long and Rank etc)? - Yes, for about 2 months i played as a medic on a pvp server. i was 2nd in command for the EMS. · Any previous bans? If yes, when, what for and how long? -No i have not · Do you have a mic and use teamspeak? - Yes · How would you rate your driving skills from 1 - 10? -8 · How would you rate your piloting skills from 1 - 10? -7 · Describe why you want to become a medic and why we should choose you over someone else? - i used to play a pvp server and i was a medic on there i enjoyed it very much! i want to be a medic on here to help people in need of help in the malden community. i am not in this for the money i am a cop also and i enjoy that. I want to help people in general. i am ex MRF and i want to try the good guy side now! · What do you think are the duties of a medical employee in no less than 100 words? - i think the duties of a EMS employee is to help all civilians and all cops no matter what! the medic is not allowed to enter gunfights and treat the Soldiers that are injured in the conflict. A medic should always carry defib around plus some spare food or water for people that need it that could be on the side of the road. They should also bring some ipren due to anyone that may need to be healed and treated for various wounds/injuries. a medic must respond to any requests made. The medic should patrol round the island of malden and see who needs help whether it be a bystander on the side of a road or a rebel that crashed his car. · Tell me some backround information about your in game character in no less than 100 words - I am a ex marine that served 4 tours in altis. i was brought in as a sniper and racked up 150 kills i etched them into my sniper each life i took. I came to malden and fell into the wrong group i joined the MRF. as the days went on and i lived the same day over and over i thought to myself it was enough i didnt want to rob or kill or take hostages anymore i wanted to help the people of malden so i switched and i left the MRF and joined the police force and i now want to join the EMS aswell to help everyone on the island! · Is there any additional information you want to add to your application? -i want to help the people of malden and make new friends in the process.
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  3. Suppose to be 160 hours
  4. ---------- OOC Information ---------- Ingame Name: Emotionless Age? 15 What timezone are you currently in? BST UK Time Current hours on the server (To the nearest hundred)? 1600 Current hours on the game (We expect 1000+, exceptions can be made)? 216 on this account and 1300 on my old account (forgot the password) Tell us a little bit about you: (nothing personal) Im originally from a RDM server i like to get frags and came to a rp server to get a little change and have more fun. ---------- In Character Information ---------- Why do you want to join MRF? Because i feel like What will you bring to MRF? Basic Pilot Skills, Good Weapons training and all around fun, i am a good team player that looks out for his team and has good spotting skills. How high is your RP rating in your own oppinion?9/10 Flying skills good? yes Tell us a little about your character ingame? He is a badass mother trucker that doesnt like to keep witnesses and likes to get the job done. He was a hitman for a small mafia he learnt his skills through the navy seals and now lives on the island of malden and he was from alits. ---------- Additional Information ---------- Gang(s) you have recently belonged to: AFF(altis freedom force) we helped civilians Reason for leaving these gang(s)? Joined different servers and some of the players just didnt listen