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  1. You are support James, part of the staff team and you break an important Rule. It's not acceptable. 2 Day bans are not able to be appealed. Read through the rules and refresh your mind. This is a lesson to be learned. Denied.
  2. If you wish to Dispute A Ban, please read the guidelines before any post is made. Ensure all information you post is truthful - Justified bans for 24 and 48 hour are not appealable. If you were 24 hour or 48 hour banned it is a punishment period for you to review the rules and learn your lesson
  3. Typical.
  4. What about the actual standard police uniforms? I know SCO19 are important, but the actual uniform for the police is important too. The police need to be focused on more than SCO19 as the police is the face of everything, sort the police skins and regulations, then SCO19. There just seems to be so much neglect.
  5. ---------- OOC Information ---------- Ingame Name: Centurion Age? 17 What timezone are you currently in? GMT Current hours on the server (To the nearest hundred)? 80hours Current hours on the game (We expect 1000+, exceptions can be made)? 2300hours on arma Tell us a little bit about you: (nothing personal) I love my sports, I love gaming, I am funny and always up for a joke whenever. I have been part of MPD as Deputy General Director and I have been part of many other police forces, ranks as SGT and DSGT within many communities. ---------- In Character Information ---------- Why do you want to join MRF? I have always wanted to be part of a whitelisted faction, they have good teamwork and hold a good symbol. Being part of a whitelisted faction allows certain priorities. I really want to join because I want to join something new and experience a new role within Malden. What will you bring to MRF? Teamwork Good shooting Good Communication Good Driving Good knowledge of any situation I can bring all these qaulities to any situation and you can expect high standards from me at all times. How high is your RP rating in your own oppinion? 9/10 Flying skills good? 8/10 Tell us a little about your character ingame? I am 32 year old man, ex military and I very lovable man. I was a General Director within the police, and now I am unemployed and wanting to make money the illegal way with a hardwork team. ---------- Additional Information ---------- Gang(s) you have recently belonged to: N/A Reason for leaving these gang(s)? N/A
  6. wets waccept this nub
  7. sic powice appwication
  8. +1
  9. When completing the Compensation Request form, please be as detailed as possible. Weapons, Gear, Vehicles, Items, and Processed Items can be compensated, however, unprocessed items are not eligible for compensation You can be compensated for the following out of roleplay incidents: -Unannounced Server Restart/Server Crash -Hackers -Violation of VDM/RDM -Bug or glitch causing death or disadvantage You will not be compensated for anything in roleplay related: -Misadventure through client side (car accidents, falling off a building, ejecting from a moving vehicle) - Deaths due to gunfire and violence *A report player does not have to happen if you have sorted it out with the player. However only open a compensation request if the player cannot afford to repay you and an arrangement for payment cannot be made after making reasonable attempts. Selling and buying misused items. ***If your compensation request if part of a report a player and that is denied, then so will your compensation request (Unless specified otherwise) All compensation requests are usually dealt with within a time. Do not message any member of staff as this will hold your compensation requests.
  10. Syvos is a serious roleplay community and everyone must follow the rules... https://syvos.com/rules.html/ We do have an active staff team but we don't see everything that goes on in the server. When you believe someone has broken a server rule, talk to them about it on TeamSpeak before going ahead and reporting. If they do not come to TeamSpeak you can go straight ahead and file a report and after that you WAIT. The staff team are always busy, so don't expect them to reply instantly. When a staff member is looking into a report, they will be looking for some evidence (Preferably a 3-10 minute video on YouTube showing all interaction with the reported player). After looking at the report they will ask for the player who is being reported to come fourth and respond. If that player then does not reply to the report within 24 hours, then his side will not be taken into account. We will not tolerate anyone making reports for a joke or anything similar. If we see that you are making one just to waste staff time or just do get a player banned. A warning point will be handed out or in some circumstances, a ban. - For RDM/VDM reports, we need you to show us at least 5 minutes of video before hand to clarify the situation. - Only report players that have committed a violation, you cannot report an entire gang. - We only accept video evidence if it is under 48 hours since the offence. Anything longer, such as a week old video, will not be accepted as evidence. - All videos provided must be given in the report unless they show a house location, failure to do so will see the report denied. - You must try to resolve the situation on teamspeak before hand if possible. If no attempt was made to resolve the situation then the appeal will be locked until an attempt has been made. - Failing to use the template will cause your appeal to be denied. Guidlines done by Centurion & JackM
  11. If you wish to Dispute A Ban, please read the guidelines before any post is made. Ensure all information you post is truthful - Justified bans for 24 and 48 hour are not appealable. If you were 24 hour or 48 hour banned it is a punishment period for you to review the rules and learn your lesson - Please remember the forum rules, we do not want non involved people telling us to unban you because you are a good person, you can only if you are invloved or have an video evidence to support the situation. - Please make sure you tell us whether the appeal is for Teamspeak or In-Game. - If your ban was issued for 7 days, 14 days, it may be downgraded by the reviewing staff depending on various circumstances. Do not go around asking admins to be unbanned earlier. This will increase your ban time or even deny your appeal. - Lying on your Ban Appeal will cause your appeal to be denied.
  12. Can you please post your evidence, thankyou.
  13. I believe whitelisting would be very handy for police command. 1. It allows command to have control over the police and attend to there own matters. 2. It would lift a weight off the staff team shoulders. 3. It makes sense for police command to whitelist there own guys.