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  1. True
  2. NHS have godmode anyway
  3. About you. · In Game Name - David · Steam ID - 76561198166787194 · Age - 16 · Timezone - GMT Questions. · How long have you been playing on this server? - 2 months · How many hours do you have in Arma 3 in total? - 536 · Have you applied previously? - No · Have you had past experience in the EMS department (How long and Rank etc)? - Yes, I was Surgeon on RebornRoleplay. · Any previous bans? If yes, when, what for and how long? - Yes, a 2-day ban for knowing someone was duping and not reporting it · Do you have a mic and use Teamspeak? - Yes · How would you rate your driving skills from 1 - 10? - 10 · How would you rate your piloting skills from 1 - 10? - 8 · Describe why you want to become a medic and why we should choose you over someone else? - I would like to join the medics because I like to help out people on the server and enjoy the great RP experience it brings as I have been a medic before I know what to do and how to handle situations. I am also apart of the police force so I can bring great RP to the Medics. I am a very active player on the server so i can spend a lot of time as a medic and if someone needs my help I won't just leave them because they are too far I'll do the best i can to get to them. · What do you think are the duties of a medical employee in no less than 100 words? - A medics duty should be to prioritize them selfs in helping other people that require them and to get to the situation as quickly and as safely as possible and when they have given aid to the person they should stay and check if they need anything else like driving back to the city or food etc. They should always carry the essential equipment such as Defibulators, first aid kits, and toolkits etc. As being a part of a whitelisted faction you should keep a high level or RP at all times even if someone has broken RP and ask them to come into a support channel via OOC chat. · Tell me some background information about your in-game character in no less than 100 words -Had a hard life from a young age living in Altis and not seeing his parent much he was looked after by his older brother his dad was a Captain in the medics and his mother a police officer altho he did see his dad much he still wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a medic and save lives just like him. But at the age of 20 still unemployed and with very little jobs around he decided to move to an island called Malden and start a new life where he put in an application for the medics and follow his fathers path · Is there any additional information you want to add to your application? - I love a cuppa!
  5. Name?* David How old are you?* 16 Country & Timezone?* GMT How did you find MaldenLifeRPG?* Friend recommended it to me. Why do you want to join the support team?* I would like to join the support team because i find i help people quite a lot in game and within team speak and like to help others with their queries. I can also help out other staff if they are busy i can help the person instead and i respond to people very quickly and do not leave them waiting around in a channel. If i get accepted into the support team i can enhance my skills and share them amongst others. Also i think the server has great potential and would like to support it as much as i can so being a support member is the way to do so. What skills can you bring to the table?* I can bring a determined mindset to work and a quick response time to peoples questions and can take any task thrown at me. helping people is the first priority and will do the best i can to provide an answer if i am not sure i’ll ask a higher member of staff or search for it myself. I also bring Maturity and professionalism to the table and am confident when speaking to new people. Do you know fluent English?* Yes English is my first language. Have you had any past experience on other servers?* Well i have been a Teamspeak helper before which involved helping people with general questions mainly. How much time can you dedicate to this role?* I am on the server pretty much everyday 4 hours a day minimum Have you ever been banned on MaldenLifeRPG? If so why?* Unfortunately i have been banned for 2 days because of knowing someone was duplicating gear and did not report it to a staff member mistakes were made but learned from. Why should we pick you over other applicants?* Because i am a approachable and friendly person to talk to and determined to finish the task at hand and won’t leave anyone waiting around for an answer. As i am a very active person i can constantly be checking if anyone requires assistance and deal with them immediately I also have a good knowledge of the server and its rules and am always willing to learn more. In your own opinion what is the role of a support member?* A support members responsibility should be to prioritize them selfs in helping others and preform their tasks with confidence and a high standard. They should have a good knowledge of the server and its set rules and should enforce them to other people and never break them. Tell us a little about yourself (Nothing personal)?* Calm and friendly person to talk to live in England currently studying Information Technology in college and Love a Cup of Tea! Anything else you would like to say?* Thank you for taking your time to read this. I also understand that this will get put on hold until staff positions are open. By joining the staff team you have to be mature and set an example to all players, discrimination or bad behavior towards members of the community will result in you being removed from the staff team and possibly banned from server. Do you agree to these terms?* Agreed!
  6. Can the Taru Cargo pick up the new 4.5mill heli containers?
  7. AKM

    Skript sold one for 3mill
  8. Looks great @Jamesprice
  9. @JammalCammal Thanks!
  10. Any idea if/when gang bases will be implemented?
  11. UID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Venom_zZz/ Username: David Age: 16 How long have you played on the server?: About a week had a break and came back and only just signed up to the forums. Do you actively use a microphone?: Yes Do you have any past Experiences as Police? Name the rank(s) and the server(s): Yes, I was a constable on RebornRoleplay. Why would you like to become a Police officer?: I wish to join because i enjoyed being apart of the police force when i was in it and loved the challenge. As i have been a Rebel for most of my time when playing. Being a part of the Police offers the best RolePlay experience possible in no other role will you experience this amount of RP. I also wanted to join so i can help people on the server and stop them from being robbed or killed just because they are trying to make money and provide escorts for people that are doing legal stuff so they can operate at a much faster pace knowing there is someone protecting them at all times. Please outline what you think Police are required to deal with on a day to day basis 1. Respond as quickly and as safely as they can to an emergency situation. 2. Bring the best roleplay experience to everyone on the island. 3. Follow orders from higher ups and do what is asked of them. What skills can you bring to the department? 1. Good roleplaying skills. 2. Good knowledge of the map. 3. Great driving skills.