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  1. About you. · In Game Name - Ronoc · Steam ID - 76561198134421383 · Age - 17 · Timezone - GMT Questions. · How long have you been playing on this server? - 4 weeks · How many hours do you have in Arma 3 in total? - 48 · Have you applied previously? - No · Have you had past experience in the EMS department (How long and Rank etc)? - Yes I used to be a medic in Arma 2, not sure on the rank but I was a pilot. · Any previous bans? If yes, when, what for and how long? - No · Do you have a mic and use teamspeak? - Yes · How would you rate your driving skills from 1 - 10? - 8 · How would you rate your piloting skills from 1 - 10? - 8 · Describe why you want to become a medic and why we should choose you over someone else? - I would like to be able to revive those who have been killed as when I end up dead there usually isn't a medic nearby that would revive me. · What do you think are the duties of a medical employee in no less than 100 words? - I believe that a medic has to complete his full responsibilities while following role play and not breaking rules. For example I believe that a medic should try to revive everyone to the best of their ability as long as they are not in an active war zone. I also believe that a medic should make sure their patient is in a good condition after being revived. The EMS should also patrol the island to ensure that they are able to respond to injuries to the best of their ability. If a gunfight does break out I will remain on high alert and be ready to respond to the emergency as soon as safe to do so. · Tell me some backround information about your in game character in no less than 100 words - My character had a violent upbringing as he was beaten by his father (NightMare) and made fun of by others in his school. After a long period of being tortured by others around him and seeing the horrors of the world, he decided to try put some good back in and joined the police force. But after all the blood and gore from the fights with criminals, he decided it was too much for him to continue and wanted to help the public without carrying a gun. Plus after that one time a dog walker threw their dogs poo at him, he just couldn't take it anymore. This is why he decided to join the EMS, so that he could heal the world instead of tear it apart. · Is there any additional information you want to add to your application? - Don't think so.
  2. Malden Police Force Application Template Requirements: Requirements to join the Malden Police The Malden Police have a certain set of requirements for you to be eligible to join, these are: You are required to be at least sixteen years old at the time of your application being submitted (if you are under the age of sixteen exceptions can be made for exceptional applications You must have a working microphone. You must be able to attend a TeamSpeak interview. You must not be blacklisted from the Malden Police Please keep in mind that you must put considerable effort into your application. You need to go into detail wherever possible to allow us to make the best possible decision as to whether your application will be accepted or denied. UID: 76561198134421383 Username: Ronoc Age: 17 How long have you played on the server?: A week Do you actively use a microphone?: Yes Do you have any past Experiences as Police? Became a police officer in a past server on Arma 2. Name the rank(s) and the server(s): Unsure of what rank I achieved. The server was British Borders Have you ever been banned from the server? No If yes, how long and why. Have you ever been kicked/suspended from MPD? No If yes, why and how long. Why would you like to become a Police officer?: Police encounter a lot of interesting cases and I would like to be involved in these as I would like to gain more experience in different roles. Please outline what you think Police are required to deal with on a day to day basis 1. Illegal activities such as robbery or drug transporting. 2. Rule breakers. 3. Gang activites. What skills can you bring to the department? 1. Loyalty. 2. Hard work. 3. Quick Learning.