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  1. I think alot of us forget the painful proccess of editing skins and the skins. I understand the idea of the medics but at its state its a dead faction
  2. If im honest i prefer the current ?
  3. I say scrap medic bring this in. Medics numbers are always low and i beleive creating a joint role unit will boost their number in game ?
  4. Scenario: A member of the has been locked up the mrf have decided they need to break him out, Whilst the police keep him secure. My ideas So i have thought of a few ideas for how this could play out but would be nice to hear everyones rules and parameters. 1. Event lasts 30 mins 2. No flying straight in and grabbing him .The mrf have to use blasting charge like bank?(if possible) 3. Set amount of police to be guarding at the start with back up to arrive once the heist commences
  5. She is my practical work horse
  6. Thanks for your input guys, I dont have anymore to say on this matter
  7. I do feel the police need a little buffing, most of our officers only get access to low grade weaponary for rp sakes. giving us a tactical edge couldnt hurt that much surely?
  8. its just for the camera , no guns
  9. Could the police get surveillance drone with no armaments to help tackle tough crime? or will this be a little op? thoughts please ?
  10. A medics job is not always safe, protecting your best assest is key when in a war zone
  11. looks good man , but can we have buildings insted of storage sheds
  12. If you give civs the ability to res you kill the point in medic as a faction . You could alway replace it or even merge medics to have another role?
  13. Prehaps make 2 public medic slots? Medics cant use weapons so theirs no risk of randomers going on killing sprees.
  14. Ifi honest playing medic is pretty boring and slow but that could just be me. I mean ypu only earn 5k a revive and most of the time you target respawns or (cough)combat logs. Maybe more medics would play if their was more for them to do and more rewards to achieve from playing?
  15. Okay what i had in mind was like checkpoints or something to try and make it a little more organised and fair .Please note i suck when it comes to building content on games i wouldnt even know where to start lol