The HTML5 Herald
  • Rules are subjected to change, any place, any time. | Last Updated : 04/07/2017

    Community Rules

    • 1.1 Maturity - We are a mature community and we expect people to show respect, act like an adult, and treat people how you would expect to be treated.
    • 1.2 Discrimination and Harassment - Discrimination or Harassment of any kind is punished by a permanent ban.
    • 1.3 Admin Impersonating - Impersonating an admin will result in a ban and threatening to ban/kick someone is not acceptable which result in a temp ban.
    • 1.4 Threatening - Any threat to any person, or the community, will not be tolerated and a permanent ban will be issued, if the threat is serious we will submit a report to the police.
    • 1.5 Server Attacks - Attempting to interrupt any Syvos by use of malicious methods (Denial of Service etc) is not tolerated. Those we suspect of engaging in such activities will be reported to our providers who maintain our network infrastructure.
    • 1.6 Cheating, Hacking and Exploiting - Using any form of Cheat, Exploit or Hack to gain an advantage over others will result in a permanent ban (this includes using tactical view, double accounting and leeching, money hacking then transfering in order to miss a ban).
    • 1.7 Staff Decisions - The Staff Team may ban any member from the servers and community at any time if they have seen a clear rule break or the person is here to cause issues for the community.
    • 1.8 Blackmail - Forcing or encouraging another member of the community to break a rule is punishable by a ban, this also includes blackmail.
    • 1.9 Language - You are required to speak fluent English in game and have a microphone at all times.

    General Rules

    • 2.0 Baiting- Baiting for the sake of a gunfight is not roleplay. Punishment is a ban. Examples: Flying over someone with a chopper waiting for warning shots to instantly shoot them back, robbing a service station with the intent of a gunfight, etc.
    • 2.1 Duping - You are not allowed to duplicate if you're found to be duplicating it will result in a ban.
    • 2.2 Combat Logging - If you are caught combat logging it will result in a ban.
    • 2.3 Combat Storing/impounding -If you're caught storing/impounding a vehicle while in combat it will result in a ban (Wait 5 minutes after the last gunshot).
    • 2.4 Medic Killing - If you kill a medic it will be treated as RDM unless the medic is combat reviving.
    • 2.5 Spawn Island - If you are caught on spawn island you will be banned.
    • 2.6 Safezone Retreating - Retreating into a green zone in a gunfight is forbidden if you’re caught doing so it will result in a ban.
    • 2.7 Knocking Out - Knocking someone out must be with high quality roleplay and with a reason.
    • 2.8 Threats to Report - Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice will result in a temp-ban.
    • 2.9 Teleporting - You cannot log in and out to get to a location quicker, once you have spawned in you are unable to respawn unless you have been killed or are stuck in a position due to a bug (please take screenshots).

    Random Deathmatch (RDM)

    • 3.1 - Killing anyone without a roleplay cause.
    • 3.2 - Declaring a rebellion is not a cause to kill anyone, even cops.
    • 3.3 - Cops can only commence in a shootout If the suspect has initiated and their lives are in danger (an exemption from this is using tasers when the suspect does not comply).
    • 3.4 - If you are killed in the crossfire of a firefight it is not RDM, unless you areunarmed.
    • 3.5 - Killing someone in an attempt to protect yourself or gang members is not RDMing.
    • 3.6 - Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow demands is considered RDM 3 second minimum to comply.
    • 3.7 - Counting down can be seen as fail roleplay and can lead to a ban.
    • 3.8 - You are not allowed to initiate on someone when you do not have a firearm, if you do it is classed as fail roleplay and will lead to a temp-ban..
    • 3.9 - When initiating, it must be with high quality roleplay for example: "Hey buddy, this is a robbery! I need you place your hands above your fucking head! Right now! If you don't comply I will put a bullet in between your fucking eye *5 Seconds* This is your last warning! *Shoots*" Please try to use that example as a guide line, a bad example is "Get out the car! out the car! *Shoots*"

    Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

    • 4.1 - Desync ramming is not allowed if you are caught doing it you will be banned.
    • 4.2 - Using your helicopter to stop another helicopter is not VDM I but if the helicopter that is being blocked flies into it, then it will be VDM and will result in a temp-ban.
    • 4.3 - You can use MRAPS to ram other MRAPS when initiated on, desync does not apply here.
    • 4.4 - Using your vehicle in any way, shape, or form as a weapon will result in a ban (VDMing people, other cars apart from MRAPs).
    • 4.5 - When a person is stood in-front of a vehicle pointing a weapon at the driver, blocking any sort of escape, but all attempts must be made to avoid collision, and you are not permitted to get out and kill the person, you are to leave the area.
    • 4.6 - If there are unmanned vehicles blocking an entrance, if the cars blow up this is your own fault, if you kill anyone due to it exploding you are to give full compensation.

    New Life Rule

    • 5.1 - If you die during roleplay your past crimes are forgotten, you also cannot seek revenge.
    • 5.2 - If you are RDMed/VDMed, it is not a new life.
    • 5.3 - If you manually respawn, it is a new life.
    • 5.4 - If you purposefully kill yourself to avoid roleplay, it is not a new life.
    • 5.5 - It's not a new life if you get revived by a medic.
    • 5.6 - You may not enter your death point within a 500m distance.

    Safe Zones

    • 6.1 - Intentionally exploding a vehicle, robbing, or killing occurs in safe zones it is punishable by ban.
    • 6.2 - You are not allowed to loot dead bodies in a Safe Zone.
    • 6.3 - You are not allowed to lock pick vehicles in a Safe Zone.
    • 6.4 - You are not allowed to steal other people’s vehicles from safe zones.
    • 6.5 - Police HQ is a BLUE ZONE. This means greenzone rules apply but you may be arrested for landing there or entering without permission. However if the police bring a gang member back to the police HQ for processing you may intervene by iniating on them in the blue zone.


    • 7.1 - A gang can at max have 16 members online at the same time.
    • 7.2 - A gang must share the same tag for example: [123] Name.
    • 7.3 - A gang will be judged for its actions as a group. (This applies for example if the gang leader of your gang declares war).
    • 7.4 - You're not allowed to change your name and join to another gang just to perform a task together and then switch back to your old gang again.
    • 7.5 - You may only cooperate with one another gang or blackwatch when robbing Federal reserve.
    • 7.6 - If you want to create a war against other gangs you have to talk to the leader from the opposite gang (make a thread on the forum). If the war is accepted by both parts, an admin will then decide to approve it or not.
    • 7.7 - You are not allowed to rob the Federal reserve at the same time as your gang are trying to capture the bandit district.


    • 8.1 - When you're about to rob someone, you have to give the victim a choice(If the victim fails to comply only then is lethal action allowed).
    • 8.2 - If you plan to rob a passing car, you may not randomly fire at the vehicle to make it stop (only roadblocks and spike trips is allowed during this situation).
    • 8.3 - Driving over someone to disable them (and make the robbery easier for you) is not allowed under any circumstances.
    • 8.4 - Maximum players robbing the federal reserve is 16 when there are over 10 cops. If there are less than 10 cops then there can only be a maximum of 10 robbers.
    • 8.5 - You are not allowed to rob a medic and/or steal his vehicles (this is a bannable offense).
    • 8.6 - Voice over in direct chat MUST be in English during a robbery if you are not familiar with the person.
    • 8.7 - If you rob the bank there must be some form of roleplay before shooting.


    • 9.1 - You must remain in character at all times, unless an Admin authorizes you to speak out of character. Roleplay everything.
    • 9.2 - Out of Character Chat (OOC) interactions must be made over side chat or a message starting with // can be sent (extended OOC interactions are forbidden).
    • 9.3 - Microphones are required on the server.
    • 9.4 - You must hot-mic all communications that have been made over TeamSpeak when they are relevant to influencing the course of roleplay. This means that if you are communicating to fellow team members via TeamSpeak and you are in audio proximity range of another player (they can hear you), you must hot mic any commands given so the rival player can overhear. This rule does not apply if both sides are engaged in a gunfight together.
    • 9.5 - When your communication devices have been taken from you by another player, you must not use external methods or group chat to communicate with anyone else. Only direct chat is to be used in this case.
    • 9.6 - Helicopter Initiation rules - This includes:
      • a message must be sent clearly indicating that the target will be fired upon in the helicopter followed by 2 minutes to comply to said message.
      • any other party: Warning shots must be issued with 3 tracer rounds past the front and rear of the aircraft. 2 minutes should be given to comply before taking action.


    • 10.1 - Using name tags to identify players in game is classed as metagaming and will lead to a temp-ban.
    • 10.2 - Using TeamSpeak to identify or find out of game information is also classed as metagaming and will lead to a temp-ban.
    • 10.3 - Using external communicate methods to sway the result of a roleplay situation will lead to a ban.
    • 10.4 - Posting information about a player's location in will result in a temp-ban.


    • 11.1 - Cops cannot use CPR kits to revive civilians (unless they died by a bug/non-roleplay mean). You can only revive other police officers once a roleplay situation has ended.
    • 11.2 - You can only arrest a wanted civilian if you know their name by some roleplay mean. It is best to never assume someone’s identity, and to always find out their name.
    • 11.3 - The Police is only allowed to have 4 hunters (1 per 3 cops online) out at the same time.
    • 11.4 - Cop baiting is not allowed. This means luring or baiting the cops into chasing you for no reason, or for to get into a gunfight. This also includes loitering around cop bases whilst wanted.
    • 11.4 - You cannot log off during a HM if caught doing it without a valid reason would result in a temp-ban.
    • 11.5 - If you are outnumbered 1-2 by rebels or another whitelisted faction you must comply with their orders, if not this would be classed as fail roleplay.
    • 11.6 - Using rubber bullets to shoot out tyres is failrp and exploiting. This will lead to warning points. If it looks like an accident it can be disputed in front of staff.
    • 11.7 - Police must wait 3 minutes to be able to open fire on vehicle tires during a pursuit if no initiation was given.

    Place Holder - MRF

    • 12.1 - Armed Offroads, Hunters, Armed Qilins are not allowed inside the safe zones. An exception to this rule will be if you are chasing somebody with an Ifrit/Hunter into the safe zone from an on-going situation which has started at least 1.0km away from the safe zone. This exception does not apply to the Armed Offroad.
    • 12.2 - MRF are permitted to 1 hunter per 5 people and 1 base hunter (this rule does not count in MRF lands).
    • 12.3 - MRF cannot camp rebel zones or processors.
    • 12.4 - If you have taken over the checkpoint you may only stay there for a maximum of 15 minutes.
    • 12.5 - To attack the MRF Outpost, HQ or Camp you must get permission of an admin before.


    • 13.1 - Medics are not allowed to have weapons.
    • 13.2 - Medics are not allowed to use illegal equipment.
    • 13.3 - Medics are not allowed to steal equipment from people (dead or alive).
    • 13.4 - Cannot combat revive if caught doing will result in a ban.
    • 13.5 - Must rp to check over the civ/police officer to make sure they are fine if caught reviving without rp afterwards warning points will be handed out.
    • 13.6 - EMS are here to help and revive people, it is a bannable offense to kill a medic, take their vehicle or take them hostage.


    • 14.1 - Any toxic behavior towards an admin will result in a ban.
    • 14.2 - Any bullying will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
    • 14.3 - If you are caught using a sound board it will result in a temp-ban from teamspeak.
    • 14.4 - Advertising is strictly not aloud and will to a ban.
    • 14.5 - Offensive avatars or avatars of a questionable nature should not be used, you will be warned, kicked or banned depending on the avatar.


    • 15.1 - Common sense - This is an adult community and a lot of the rules come down to common sense, do not swear at people, troll people, bully people otherwise you will simply be banned from the forums.
    • 15.2 - Creating threads with the intention to cause issues or drama will not be tolerated and may lead to warning points or being issued a ban..
    • 15.3 - Using status updates to talk about or discuss bans will first lead to a warning point then if that continues a second warning point with a 7 day posting restriction. .
    • 15.4 - Asking staff to look at your ban appeal will result in it taking more time for your unban accepted or denied.
    • 15.5 - Commenting on ban appeals and player reports when not involved directly will result in a warning point handed out and a week posting restriction.
    • 15.6 - Commenting on faction applications when not permitted will lead to warning point and a 1 week restriction from posting.
    • 15.7 - Commenting on player reports and ban appeals to bump them will result in a warning point and a 4 day posting restriction.

    Malden Bank Rules

    • 16.1 - The Police will always send in a unarmed negotiator who will drive up to the entrance and make himself known. This is part of the treasury robbery process. You can either start roleplay with the negotiator, or decline negotiations by asking him to leave. You may not kill the unarmed negotiator.
    • 16.2 - When the blasting charge has been planted it is considered that any opportunity for negotiation is over. After this the police may try to storm the building with armed police. At this point any combat is not considered RDM.
    • 16.3 - You may not write in sidechat that you are robbing the bank. This is your operation with the friends/members that are there with you. You may not call for backup, only those on site at the beginning of the heist may take part.
    • 16.4 - Any police who we find have logged out on purpose to bring the number of police down (so the rebels cannot open the vault) will be banned. If you need to log out during a known active bank operation, please inform a member of staff.
    • 16.5 - You may not interfere with the bank if someone else is robbing it! This rule does not apply to police.