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Hi, I am 17 years old and I live in Sweden. Science and physics are my favorite subjects in school. I do not like writing, especially when you do not get to choose what it is supposed to be about. I also do not like reading books, and I hate reading books where the main characters names are unreadable! for an example, Nhyfisaf, like what?? (is it a girl or a boy lol, names, names)

I am very lazy, sadly, although it does not affect my grades. Somehow some people study hours per day and gets worse grade than me. I usually do not need to study because I remember everything that the teacher has said on the lessons. I learn better when I am listening on a presentation, or when someone tries to explain something than reading books.

Books are okay though if you learn something sensible that will help you in the future. Material properties, what mushroom is eatable

I do not like sports, but tennis and badminton is fun. Helping people is not fun, honestly, I hate helping people unless they actually listen and learns something. I do not mind helping people with subjects, or in their social life if they want my help. But if I answer their question I want them to think for themselves and not come back the next minute and ask for more help about the same thing.

David B.

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